Descriptions of Cheeses


Cheddar has many tastes ranging from mild to sharp.  These flavors vary according to the age of the cheese.  Sharp cheddar is excellent for use in macaroni and cheese recipes because it shreds well and its wonderful flavor is released when heated.


Mozzarella is another mild cheese that is an extremely good cooking cheese.  It's ability to melt well makes it a perfect candidate for combining with other cheeses to make macaroni and cheese.  Mozzarella is a lower fat cheese which also makes an ideal lower fat macaroni & cheese.



Swiss cheese is also known as Emmenthaler.  Swiss is best known for its characteristic holes that form as it ages.  It is a great addition to any macaroni & cheese recipe.



Gouda is a rich tasting cheese which can be semi soft to hard.  Try smoked Gouda in your next macaroni and cheese dish to add a distinctive flavor to your next mac & cheese creation.